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Our Vision and Values

At Hafod, we share a common purpose and commitment which reflect our school’s ethos and atmosphere. We have the drive and determination to fulfil our school’s purpose for the benefit of all members of our school community.


Mission Statement


Hafod Primary School is committed to providing a safe, happy and nurturing environment in which all children thrive. We provide a relevant, engaging and inclusive curriculum that stimulates the natural curiosity of every child and is responsive to their individual needs. We effectively facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, skills and understanding to empower our children to become successful learners throughout life. We know that recognising and responding to our children’s mental health and emotional needs is key to improving their well-being and enabling them to learn. We consider open and honest home-school relationships as vital to ensure that our children are supported to reach their full potential. 


School Aims

We aim to make our school a place where:

•every child feels happy and safe
•we feel happy and safe
•every child is valued and all relationships are based on trust and respect
•we feel important and we treat each other with respect
•every child develops their confidence and resilience.
•we believe in ourselves and always keep trying
•every child recognises the needs and rights of others, regardless of ability, race, religion, culture, ethnicity and gender.
•we know that everyone has rights
•every child understands their choices have consequences and considers risks when making decisions.
•we know how our choices can affect ourselves and other people.
•every child takes part when leading or collaborating with others as part of a team.

•we work together as part of a team

•all members of our community – pupils, parents, staff and governors – are involved in reflecting on what we do and suggesting improvements.
•we all work together to make our school the best that it can be.
•every child has a voice and feels confident to share their views, opinions and ideas
•we listen to each other.
•every child is encouraged to speak, share and celebrate their home language.
•we think all languages are important.
•every child has the skills and knowledge they need to creatively and determinedly address challenges and live independent and fulfilling lives.
•we try to be the best that we can be and do things ourselves.