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Additional Learning Needs

'The term 'additional learning needs' has a legal definition and refers to children and young people with learning, physical or sensory needs that make it harder to learn than most children of the same age' DEWIS CYMRU, 2020.


At Hafod, we believe in an inclusive education system that values the contribution of all learners within a school community and respects their voice and opinion. We want every child to be at their best in all aspects and to achieve this we have to ensure that the children have a strong network of people around them. You might feel that your child has an additional learning need and requires extra support in school or an assessment inside or outside of class. If so, then please fill out the quick form below and Mr. Hall will get in touch with you to talk through your concerns and come up with a plan to ensure that your child's needs are met at Hafod.

Additional Learning Needs in Wales - what's happening?

To see this film in Welsh - go to

There is a new Additional Learning Needs Bill in Wales which will be rolled out over the next few years. This document gives a brief description of the changes involved.