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Croeso i blwyddyn pump!
Welcome to Year 5!

Lisa M

Mrs Baugh-Williams Wendy Lisa

Rights of the Child "Every child has the right to a standard of living that is good enough to meet their physical, social and mental needs Article 27

This term in Year 5....



We will be learning all about SPACE! As part of this topic, the whole class will be taking part in an 'astronaut selection program.' We will be devising a scoring system to help us select the most suitable candidate to join NASA! We will be looking at different attributes, such as fitness, motor skills, reactions, personality, eyesight, hearing, knowledge about space as well as academec strengths. We will be developing our numeracy skills by analysing line graphs showing the heart rates of astronauts at different points of their journey. We will also be testing our own heart rates before, during and after exercise. We will be using our measuring skills to compare height, weight and distance, and converting metric units. In literacy, our text type for the term will be non-chronological reports. This will be linked to out space theme, and will take the form of a research project using ICT. Our science investigatioin will focus on developing our knowledge and understanding about gravity. This term is sure to be OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Some key moments from last year!!!